Our Aims;

  • To act as an intermediary between the Club and the Fans
  • To share knowledge and best practice and to improve relationships between the various stakeholders, in particular, the relationship between the Fans and the Club.
  • To provide a good communication flow, between the Club and the Fans.
  • To provide a platform for the Fans to ensure they are involved in appropriate decision making.
  • To act as the prime movers in various fundraising initiatives for the mutual benefit of the Club, the Fans, and the Community.


The structure and level of membership;


Committee members are the 5 elected members holding office positions.
They are Chairman Alan Wardrop, Vice Chairman Eric Crossan, Secretary Sarah Murray, Treasurer  Allan Gallacher and Public Relations Representative Alan Murray.

  • Colin Haggerty (Chairman)
  • Stewart Milton (Vice Chairman)
  • Sarah Murray (Secretary)
  • John Allison (Treasurer)
  • Alan Murray (Public Relations Representative)

Meeting Members are up to a maximum of 20 volunteers invited or who applied to support the council. They are currently Julie Noble, Gary Reid, Mary Chalmers,John Allison, Margaret Tweedly, Lillian McMinn, Jack Paterson,John Clark, Stewart Milton, Alesia Milton, Allan Gallacher and the committee.

Meeting Members

Gordian Mothersole (Former Chairman)

Mary Chalmers

Lillian McMinn

Julie Noble

Alan Wardrop (Former Chairman)

John Allison

Jack Paterson

Alesia Milton

Lillian McMinn

Eric Crossan (Former Vice Chairman)

Margaret Tweedly

Gary Reid

Allan Gallacher

John Clark

General members are every St.Mirren fan who wants to assist the club by helping and assisting with any input (initially by email) to improve the club and the work of the fans council.

2014 Fans Council members and players

2014 Fans Council members and players